As we continue, Ask Alan, we’d like to remind that Alan has had a little help in his replies. In addition to Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome Alan has speech impediments that make it hard for most people to understand what he says. Because of that he tends to use fewer words when speaking, so with his help we fill in some of the blanks. His typing is up to six words-per-minute and so he should be answering questions on his own any time now; until then we’ll give him a little help.

Zachary F. asks, Will you be making a strawberry flavored soap?

A. Hi Zachary, we won’t be making a strawberry soap any time soon. We have two new soaps coming this summer, Lilac Applewood and Pure. Pure is our new no-fragrance color-free soap for those sensitive to any sort of fragrances or fragrance oils, and our Lilac Applewood that was inspired by stories my grandma told me about playing outside as a little girl with the lilacs in bloom and her dad working in the yard.