As we introduce, Ask Alan, we’d like to share that Alan has had a little help in his replies. In addition to Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome Alan has speech impediments that make it hard for most people to understand what he says. Because of that he tends to use fewer words when speaking, so with his help we fill in some of the blanks. His typing is up to six words-per-minute and so he should be answering questions on his own any time now; until then we’ll give him a little help.

Marcy G. asks, After reading the stories about your soaps it sounds like you have some pretty amazing women in your life. What about them inspire you?

A. Hi Marcy, thanks for asking. Alan was under a lot of pressure on who to start with and whether to go by age or height. He decided to go by the alphabet since he happens to be pretty good with letters. That was a good choice and the results will be the same anyway. What inspires Alan about the women in his life all is the love that they give, each in their own way.

Alan’s grammie was a teacher a long long long long long time ago who liked to read to him and tell him stories. A few weeks after Alan had been placed in a halo, she came to visit and would read to him every day. She would use different voices and make sounds that would go with the pictures and they would have fun. It’s been a long time since grammie read to Alan. He still has the books and now he can read them himself, and uses different voices and sounds while reading the story.

Alan likes it when his nana stays with us. She’s a good cook and Alan likes it when she lets him help. He thinks knowing his favorite foods before he does is one of her super powers. He also thinks growing gardens is another one of her super powers. Alan says his nana’s greatest super power is the love she puts into everything that she does for him and his little brother, Ian. And mommy, too.

Alan doesn’t like it when his mommy inspires him with a Time-Out if he’s not being nice to his brother, and questions if I’m using “inspires” correctly. Alan is inspired by how his mommy takes care of him, and picks up on his cues in any situation – like a super power. Mostly Alan is inspired by his mommies perseverance in finding ways to make learning fun while always encouraging him to reach higher and never giving up.