Introducing Alan’s Artisan Soap Company

All Natural, Handcrafted, Uniquely Scented, From a Young Man with Special Needs

[Westminster, CA, 12/31/2020] Alan has always loved scents and textures and working with his hands.

He was born with a rare genetic disorder, Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome, making his skin hyper-sensitive to textures and artificial ingredients.

His parents, entrepreneurs John and Tina Caldwell, soon realized that finding affordable, quality soap made with natural ingredients was difficult.

So John and Tina did what entrepreneurs do: They sat down with an artisan soap maker of more than 35 years and developed soaps of 100 percent natural ingredients and fragrance oils. The soaps are quick to lather, soft to the touch, and rinse away clean, leaving only a light scent of natural fragrances.

The idea was not only to craft soaps for Alan, but also to create a company where Alan and other people with special needs could work.

“Everyone needs a purpose, even people with special needs,” said John. “At Alan’s Artisan Soap Company, 80 percent of the tasks needed to process and pack the product can be done by people with special needs. As a result, as the company grows, we intend to have a staff of 80 percent of people with special needs.”

Alan’s Artisan Soaps currently come in four fragrances, each of which Alan has selected: Vanilla Lime, Cedarwood Jasmine, Lavender Rosemary and Watermelon Basil. Gift baskets are also available.

“Alan has always been very tactile,” said Tina. “He loves mixing things. Alan also has keen olfactory senses, so handcrafting uniquely scented artisan soaps fits perfectly into his unique set of special needs. It gives him a sense of purpose and accomplishment on a daily basis.”

Each soap is stamped and packaged by hand with a story from Alan about each fragrance, while his mom and Nana help him with the gift baskets. He hopes to one day employ other people with special needs to join him in stamping and packaging even more soap.

Alan’s Artisan Soap Co. donates to organizations helping children with special needs.