Hi there! My name is Mia and I work with digital marketing, as well as running the Instagram! Being interested in marketing from a young age, being able to work with my family and progress my knowledge of marketing and business has been a great opportunity for me. Being a part of an actual business is so much more fun and rewarding than the “business” I had when I was six, in which I would sell cards to any guest that my parents had over, or the one I had when I was three, in which I sold broken seashells to other people at the beach for twenty-five cents each, much to my parent’s embarrassment. 

Being Alan’s cousin, I was happy to hear that he was getting hands on involvement in making products specific to his skin and what he liked, when I was told that they were going to make a company to make that soap available to others, I was even happier! Working for a company that strives to make positive changes in the world is amazing, and I enjoy helping with making those changes happen.

 I love all the scents of the soap bars (watermelon basil and vanilla lime being my favorite) and also love being able to express my creativity through coming up with different ways to market the soaps and planning out photo-shoots of the products to put on the Instagram! It’s always fun taking videos or pictures of the soap with Alan, and he actually has really good content ideas, some of which you can see on the Instagram! 

If you’d like to see some of the content I’ve posted, go check out the Instagram! There you can see different photos of our products, as well as a bit about us and our goals as a company! We also release occasional exclusive discounts and deals there, so you might want to hit a follow if you want to be included in any upcoming sales! Speaking of special discounts, I’m going to be offering a “One-Bar Welcome” and give you all 15% off for any one bar basket orders if you use coupon code MeetMia at checkout! I’ll also be able to see the different scents that you purchase using my code, so it will be cool to see your favorites as well!